Mississippi Writers’ Guild organizational meeting

What if you are thinking to yourself that your story should be told? Or that you would love some feedback on your poetry? What if you are an adult writer looking for professional criticism and support? As a member of the Mississippi Writers’ Guild, I have found a community of like-minded writers that work to help each other through our writing endeavors. Desoto County, however, doesn’t have a chapter. Driving to other chapters just hasn’t been feasible for me. My solution is to bring MWG to Desoto County. We can invite guest speakers to come to help us with whatever genre we find interest to support us. We can have our own workshops right here and not have to drive to find that support and guidance.

I invite you to an organizational meeting of the Desoto County chapter of MWG, April 24 at 6:30 PM at the Hernando Public Library. We have the meeting room booked and ideas are welcome. I have heard back from writers of everything from poetry to non-fiction to romance- all of which has a home at MWG. If you don’t live in Desoto County but would like to come, please do! MWG has members all over the world.

Go to www.mississippiwritersguild.com for more information or comment here at my blog. I will try to answer any questions you might have. Suggestions are welcome, too.


Call me Bloggins, Bimbo Bloggins.

“Not all who wander are lost.” That is one of my favorite quotes of all time, but alas, it isn’t me. I am wandering and completely lost. I have been told by many wonderful, creative people that I should blog. I suppose it is an amazing way to convey my true self to potential agents. After all, every agent I have contacted with my work has asked if I have a blog or have a website. When I cheerfully answered in the negative, it made me feel like that kid that couldn’t spell the first word in the spelling bee. Lots of sympathetic looks my way, but that buzzer still ran me off the stage.

So here I am the wandering author in search of the best I can do to build a blog, a readership, and a career. I feel like a five-year-old on their first day of school or a hobbit climbing up a mountain. I am determined that if this is what I am supposed to do, then this is what I’ll do no matter how foreign. So like Tolkien’s little wandering dudes, I shall trudge ahead on my less-hairy feet to the goal at the end of my journey- publication. Until then, I shall remain your sincere wandering Bimbo Bloggins.

Writing character is like haunting my family

If I were to die and be stuck haunting my family, I know the one room I would haunt- my kitchen. That’s right- MY kitchen. I cook as a hobby and nothing can set me swirling into a tornado of irritation like opening a drawer and not finding the tool I need. As an overactive OCD entity, I would rearrange the drawers to my liking after every dishwasher load until they got the message. Or moved.

I realize I do this same style of haunting in my writing life. When I am writing and a character takes a turn I don’t like or makes a choice I wouldn’t, I begin to impose my will upon them. Just like my family putting the potato masher where the ice cream scoop belongs, I find small muscles twitching when a character goes off on a very non-me tangent. It takes trust in your own writing ability and patience with your character to keep writing and see where this path leads. More often than not, my characters become more real, more individual when I set them free and resist the urge to impose my will. Readers tend to enjoy my characters more if I allow them to make their own path and tell me a character seems fake if I forced them to my will.

Relax, enjoy the write, and set your characters free. Stress over where the potato masher went, but when it comes to character, just let them do their own cooking.