Tonight is the night!

This is it, writers of North Mississippi! Be ready DeSoto County! This is the one we have all been waiting to see!

Tonight is the first meeting of Mississippi Writers’ Guild, DeSoto County style! Don’t forget- 6:30 tonight at the Hernando Regional Library.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about tonight! See you there!


A Letter to my Body

Dear Body,

I realize I have not treated you as the temple you are. Through the years I have forced you through a rather insane existence, surviving car crashes, years of pregnancy, my forgetting to eat when I’m writing, etc.

All in all, you are pretty darn tough. In my YA manuscript The Shifter’s Ball, a 15-year-old Greek nymph has to come to terms with the fact that nymphs just don’t live very long. She experiences her father’s death (he was considered ancient at 38) and finds the love and support she needs to survive in her human friend. He has lost his dad, too, but to a suicide bomber while his dad was serving in Afghanistan. Both fathers appeared young and invincible, but both were proven to be far too fragile to survive what their bodies encountered.
This week on my tv I have watched other young, vibrant people whose bodies were torn apart by someone else’s sick plot. Much like my character Josh’s father who dies in a suicide attack on American soldiers, we have seen unspeakable damage done to healthy people in their prime. (I know I would be so ticked off at going from a marathon runner’s physical condition to recovering in a hospital because of someone’s sick views on the world.) It is hard to lose anyone we love, but it seems so much harder to lose someone that is vital and beautiful one moment and gone the next.
In short, My Body, I want to thank you for still working great, not needing an extensive overhaul, and being reliable. I am grateful for the 41 years I have gotten out of you and wish all those we lose at a younger age could see 41 and beyond. And thank you for being healthy enough to keep my brain going. If I can keep getting stories out of my head, you just keep plugging along. Deal?

Ask me a question!

As I work toward the first meeting of the DeSoto County chapter of Mississippi Writers’ Guild- which is 6:30 PM on Wednesday, April 24 at the Hernando Public Library- I have put together some handouts for the meeting. I want to know what the reading/writing community of DeSoto County wants the MWG to address.

I know I would love a critique group to bounce ideas off to try to make my writing stronger. I also have heard from others who want workshops for various genres including memoir, short story, and poetry writing. Hosting book signings and local author events is another option. Sponsoring writing contests and having storytelling events has also been brought up.

What would you like to see our chapter do? Even if you can’t attend, even if you aren’t in the same state or country, what do you wish a local writers’ group would do for your community?

Please give me honest feedback. Any inappropriate responses will be deleted.