The world needs a perfect BLT

Last night I went with my loverly family to the Memphis Barbeque Company to dinner, an unusual treat as taking all of my herd anywhere is like taking the circus to town. In perusing the menu I found their version of a BLT, which I here will refer to as an ultimate BLT. Texas toast forms the bed in which the in-house thick-sliced and smoked-to-perfection bacon nestled with a sheet of lettuce and a comforter of some of the best tomato slices I have encountered this early in the season. It was so huge I could only eat half and have since consumed the rest this heavenly ultimate BLT for breakfast.

So why would I waste a blog post (which you know are few and far between) on something as mundane as a sandwich? Because I feel that we don’t put enough emphasis on enjoying the simple, the commonplace well done. I feel that this could be at the heart of what is wrong with the world today. I don’t want to be the greatest writer the world has ever known, I want to be the best writer I am capable of being and crafting a story that someone else can enjoy. This is one of the best BLT’s I have ever consumed, and I recognize someone else’s care in crafting a great sandwich.

Go forth, dear reader, and look for a job well done, complement the craftsman, and enjoy yourself with a little quiet satisfaction that something is right with the world.


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